Movie Reviews

The Lego Movie Review (3D version)

By Christine Tate, 4/8/14

Mom’s Grade:  C

Mom’s Review:  The 3D version of the movie fails to use 3D technology to its full potential.  There were more moments in the movie where I was distracted by the annoyance of the 3D glasses slipping out of place over my regular glasses than moments where I experienced the “whoa!” of a 3D effect that hits the mark.  If you’re going to see this movie, see it in the regular version.  As for the movie itself, the signature song phrase “Everything is awesome!” is very catchy and you’ll find it still stuck in your head a week later.  The movie had quality animation, but the characters failed to draw me in.  In the end, when the merging of the two worlds was revealed, I found it confusing rather than touching.  While I can’t say it was a bad movie, I was ready to leave by the time it was over.  From a Christian’s perspective, I found it contradictory to my beliefs that the happy ending involved throwing out all the rules and ignoring the instruction manual.  God gave us the Bible as the perfect instruction manual for living this life.  Without it, I’d be lost.  I need God’s guidance and I’m thankful for both His rules and his instruction manual.

Kid’s Grade:  B –

Kid’s Review:  The Lego movie’s 3D vision was a little off.  Nothing popped out of the screen and the movie was like an hour and forty minutes.  I mean it was a little weird that Wild Style was really just Lucy.  It was more a boy movie.  My favorite parts were probably when the cat poster talked and when the cat got angry.  The song “Everything is awesome” is really catchy.  I think that the human man at the end of the movie was the same as the bad guy.  And the man’s son was probably the same person as the builder.  Obviously, Lucy and the builder were meant to be together.


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