Book Reviews

“Little Love Bug Follows Her Heart on Valentine’s Day” by Kari Brimhall

Review Written by Christine Tate and daughter, June 5, 2014

Mom’s Review:
This month I’m reviewing Little Love Bug Follows Her Heart on Valentine’s Day by Kari Brimhall. It was a charming story that any mother or grandmother would enjoy reading to a young child at any time of year. I could also envision this being a book a first to second grade level reader could read on their own. The artwork was warm and visually engaging. I love books that express a tender softness in their artwork and this book definitely hit the mark! The story was about learning to show love to others which is a wonderful teaching opportunity for any child. As a Christian, I always look for stories that echo God’s principles even when not directly talking about God or Christianity which this book effectively does as Little Love Bug learns to show love to others. A definite thumbs up for this book!
Kid’s Review: I liked the book a lot. The moral of the story was to be kind to others and they’ll be kind back to you. It was cute how she had hearts stuck on her back. I think a lot of people would enjoy reading this story and it would make a great bedtime story to read to kids.



“The No-Homework Women’s Bible Study: Group Hug” by Christine Tate

April 7, 2014

NOTE:  Although I wrote this book series, the reviews given below are from actual customer comments on Amazon.  In the coming months, I will be reviewing different books from other authors.  If you have a book you feel would be a good fit for this site, please feel free to contact me.

By kre8tvtee on April 2, 2014  (4 stars) Easy to lead, fun to participate  A unique study for a variety of groups. Written for younger military wives who need to enter groups and know each other quickly in a faith based group, it worked for our older ,more stable group. An “in-between our more in-depth studies” it was a relaxed, enjoyable interlude. More personal, more conversational and still Bible based. We learned a lot about each other and ourselves, and shared ideas on the various topics. The only chapter that didn’t apply to us seniors was the “Managing Your Weight” chapter, and we just ignored the weight part (too old to stress over body image st this stage of life) and had a good discussion about eating right and being healthy in general, as we are 4 nurses in a group of 12. Lots of laughs and good information shared. Very easy to lead, so it gave our two co-facilitators a much needed break

Stacie Gorkow “Sincerely Stacie” reviewed The No-Homework Women’s Bible Study: Group Hug (5 Stars)
Easy and Comfortable Study for Women February 4, 2014
If you are looking to start a study with a few friends or one at your church, this would be a great first study. It isn’t too intensive and covers all the issues women and moms face on a daily basis. Each session starts with an ice breaker then moves into a lesson, scripture, and discussion questions. It would be easy for all members to share the role of leading the study because everything is laid out for you in the book. Each study ends with a personal challenge for the week including doing a crossword puzzle to giving someone a compliment. Some weeks you may be challenged to start a garden or tell someone you love them more often. There are 8 weeks of study focusing on being organized and prepared as well as weight management and taking care of yourself. I really appreciated Tate’s non-preachy approach and I think any woman, familiar with the Bible or not, would be comfortable participating in this study.

MARGARET KLEEBERGER reviewed The No-Homework Women’s Bible Study: Group Hug (5 Stars)
No Homework Bible Study December 21, 2013
I chose this rating because it’s the first Bible Study that I know that does not require a correct answer. It is more like teaching you to read scripture and meditate on what you get from reading it at that time. There is less pressure and it is easier to read another reading of your choice at the same time.
This Bible Study is an ice breaker for anyone who has never been in a Bible study or for anyone who is looking for a group to get together with & learn something of the Bible. It helps in a way to express your ideas without offending someone in your group.

Deangela Fluence reviewed The No-Homework Women’s Bible Study: Group Hug (4 Stars)
No homework woman’s bible September 1, 2013
Good refresher of the word. The step by step is a good way of helping a babe Christian on the right path.


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