Welcome to my blog where we find God in everything.  God is all around us waiting to be seen, longing for us to hear Him and gently guiding us towards a deeper relationship with Him.  This blog is updated periodically, so be sure to sign up to receive notifications when new content arrives by submitting your email address below with “Add Me to Email List” in the comment section.

God Bless Everyone,

Christine Tate
Author of “The No-Homework Women’s Bible Study: Group Hug” series and “My Prayer Journal:  Remembering God’s Answers”.

About the Author:  Christine Tate, originally a Midwest native, grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. The only child of a successful floor trader and an Indiana farm girl, she was strongly influenced by conservative, “Bible Belt” Christian theology. She started college at the age of fifteen and graduated from USC with honors at nineteen earning a degree in Cinema-Television. After various career experiences and many years living on the west coast, she met and married the love of her life. From there, she embarked on the travels and adventures that come with being a military spouse. Christine and her husband have one daughter and are currently stationed in Virginia Beach, VA. With a passion for all things creative, she spends much of her time homeschooling her daughter, gardening, writing Bible studies and being active in church life. She is also a contributing writer to http://www.successstory.com and the producer of the annual Virginia Beach Christian Authors Festival. Be sure to visit my website at http://christinetate.webstarts.com.

The_No-Homework_Wome_Cover_for_KindleGroup Hug 2 CoverGroup Hug III coverThe_No-Homework_Wome_Cover_for_Kindle Holidays







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